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Friends of Children Foundation (FCF) – Wau, South Sudan, and its sister organization Stichting Vrienden van Straatkinderen(SVVS) – Apeldoorn, Netherlands are a non-governmental organizations , who have a common objective to offer shelter for homeless children in age range of 9-18 years In Wau South Sudan.

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These children have essentially lived in the streets under unfavorable circumstances. The children follow a phased education in which they learn useful skills to give them the ability to be independent by the time they are 18 years of age. We rely on services of social workers, teachers, community organizers, and volunteers who form the SVVS and FCF team and generously share their talents and skills.

The organization is dated back to 2006 when it was initiated by Nicola Ojoki, a South Sudanese who has been living in Netherlands for several years. His experience while in Sudan inspired him to start this foundation. He has lived and felt the pain and misery street children go through. Due to the devastating civil war that engulfed Sudan for more than 20 years, a large number of children are orphans and have nowhere to go to.

Therefore being forced to live in the streets. Being homeless, the children are left alone on their own without the provision of basic needs and no one to look after them. They live on the street, with no shelter and more often they go for days on empty stomachs. If not naked, they dress poorly in raged clothes. They live in very difficult and unbearable circumstances in a country which is beginning to recover from the savage of war.

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